Animals are a gift from the gods. If we have the honor to become part of the life of one of them, it is a blessing for us. ..


From birth to the last goodbye, accompanied by many ups and downs, we fulfill the silent promise of caring for our ward. ❤️

Mutual fissures in our personalities are filled together over the years by memories acquired in the flow of time. ..

With each passing year, we realize more and more how our common journey is slowly coming to an end...We try to prepare for the inevitable. One more time and for the last time we will turn back together and feel inner peace... 

With love and tenderness, we hand over the borrowed treasure to the earth, mother nature, knowing that one day we will meet again and our souls together will forever complete the perfect cycle of the universe...

Tree of Life/ Circle of life 

 150x100 cm

Oilpainting on canvas

On the back of a horse, each of us is looking for something different. Someone aspires to succeed in the world of sports, for some it is a hereditary craft, and for some of us the essence of riding is much simpler... The world around us spins so fast. In addition to the rush and everyday stress, we don't even realize how fast life goes by. But how about stopping time at least for a few moments? : Throw away all worries, all obligations, all those rules...Leave all negativity behind, sit on the back of a horse, and simply fly beyond the boundaries of fantasy, so far that you can touch the gods of distant worlds This time I will not name anyone a specific one of you. This painting is dedicated to everyone you will recognize in it to everyone who may not have had the best day, whose life is trying hard, who is perhaps tired of the reality of today, but it only took a moment with his beloved four-legged friend, and all the bad things miraculously disappeared ...


Oil painting on canvas

120x80 cm

A picture for every devoted animal lover, and a story about the most romantic job in the world Licking in the meadow all day, rustling a blade of grass, and riding a horse into the sunset with the wind for a race... that's exactly what breeders don't do even though we would like to ... in today's modern world, only a handful of people have an idea of ​​what our world of people forever with hair and straw (but still happy ) really looks like. And so this image will hopefully bring tour mission closer to the public at least a little.

This time I chose Lenka Tkáčiková, a young housewife from GAZDOVSTVO U MATÚŠKOV from Dolný Hričov, and her master horse Brit, a great man to whom I owe the thanks of all of Slovakia. Brit belonged to Lenka and her family from a young age, and as part of the family he served in 20 beautiful years in the Slovak mountains Even though the Brit unfortunately left us, I had the honor of meeting him and getting to know wonderful people who dedicated their whole lives to work in the mountains. Working with animals is generally difficult, sometimes even dangerous, despite the fact that it is part of my daily life, working with wood harvesting is heroic, and I take my hat off to every person and horse who, as a team, manage this work incredibly perfectly. Thank you To Lenka and her family, for the opportunity to get closer to their craft, to which another painting will definitely belong in the future...

Basic days

Oil painting on canvas

 100 x 70 cm 

Fate confuses the lives that eventually become stories. And if they are not forgotten, they will take the form of legends and inspiration ... There are people among us who may never have come up with anything special. Maybe they talk less, maybe they avoid our company. We may even find it tense, but the truth is that there is a story behind such people, with an infinite number of reasons that most of us overlook. But is it really just a matter of human nature? with animals that are also not enthusiastic about human society. And as with humans, these creatures have a number of reasons. They are the less fortunate in our world, who, at best, are left with scars on their souls. The flip side of the human soul ... But what if these two creatures, so signed by human cruelty, met? And this is where unforgettable stories begin to be written ...

 As I've emphasized many times, your stories are my endless inspiration. This time, Melanie Straková, a woman whose thorn path through life was crossed by a creature with the same fate, placed her trust in my hands. They turned their time together into mutual therapy, the result of which changed the lives of both of them, and healed even the deepest scars. Created for each other, they broke the fear together, and thus saved each other from the cruelty of this world ... Another thank you goes to the company OZ ZVIERATÁ V NÚDZI from Nemecká, without which this charm would never have arisen, and whose work I appreciate very much.

The Guardian

Oil painting on Canvas 120x80 cm

History is an endless source of inspiration.It goes without saying that horses belong to it, but what if one horse would change the course of history in the whole of Europe? Not possible? But yes. This incredible story happened in 1526, where the young king Ludovít II. Jagel, despite the advice of his knights, chose a Friesian stallion for battle in accordance with the latest fashion, instead of our lighter horses experienced in the field. The Battle of Mohács went down infamously in history as one of the biggest bloodbaths in Europe. Sultan Süleymam and his army crushed Ludovít's army in great numbers, and in an attempt to save himself, he ran away from the battlefield. However, his horse was not used to the weakened Mohács soil, and while trying to cross the river, he slipped so unluckily that he fell with the king, broke his ligament and collapsed his rider under him, which ended the life of the young monarch...Ludovít II. he was only 20 years old at the time. But his figure was very important in our territory. He was the last royal heir of the Jagel family. After his tragic death, the Habsburg family ascended the throne. Another important battle took place in Mohác a year later. The Habsburg king balanced his forces and confronted the Turkish troops, this time with a large army...

The Fall of the Jagiellonian Dynasty

Oil painting on canvas 120x80 cm 

About Great Genghis Khan empire are spreads many legends. About his intransigent character, the perfect strategy of the fight, occupying the new earth or wisdom and balance sheet. The spirituality always belonged to his people. In his tribes, shamans were an inherent part. They belonged to culture as a reputable media, a connection with the world of gods. Their art of predicting the future was also needed for fighting and so shamans accompanied by Genghis Khan and his combat mining. And where there is something earthly with supernatural, there legends begin. One of them is about fight in which shamans with a great Genghis Khan called the storm so ominous, that in the end to the fight didn´t come finally. Enemies have been scared of his power, and they escape from fight of fear of him and maybe from fear of gods. This war made history like Genghis Khan´s war of Shamans ...

Genghis Khan´s war of Shamans

Oil painting on canvas

100x70 cm

Many of us think that real wealth lies in material values. The fact that it's not quite like that, we hear it every day from every side. The question is, will we think about this? Consumption time, consumer society, account numbers determine the status and importance of the individual. You think there's something that makes us think about it ? No??? So let's look into the eyes of our animals. Let's stop time for a moment, let's escape away from anything we consider as valuable property. In the eyes of our animals, these things will never be important. They don't care if they wear designer harnesses. They don't care how many accounts we have in the banks or what car we drive... Even if we didn't have any of this, they'd still love us the same way. Their perception of values is far less superficial than ours. Even if our hands are empty, the only thing that's important for them is our time spent with them, our care, our good word, and our whole heart that belong to them with no doubt.


100x70 CM

Oil painting on canvas

An old legend says that knights controlled their horses with thoughts. Their cooperation with their horses was very close to the astral level. Their commands were so invisible that the rider and the horse became one body, one soul, one mind ... amazing connection, where nothing more is needed, without a word we become part of supernatural synchronization ...


100x70 CM

Oil painting on canvas

History of humanity is in every way connected with animals. It has stood faithfully by our side for millennia, for better or for worse. Horses have accompanied us since ancient times. They work on our bread in the fields, carry us on their backs all over the country, fight in our wars and faithfully fulfill their irreplaceable role even today in the world of technology. Our history is unimaginable without them. In memory of all those who, even at the cost of fallen species, still carry the weight of our era, with their heads bowed and their feet in their own blood ...

In memoriam

140x60 cm

Oil painting on canvas

"How can you trust such a big animal ? Don´t you worry ?..."

This question we listen to very often.

I trust him more than I trust people. His body is big, much bigger than mine. With his power he will

He could easily hurt with his power, but he won't do it, they'll lend it to me. Inside this big animal is beating a huge heart, that gives me all every single day. But compared to the people, he misses a few things. He misses envy, malice, and falsehood. His soul is clear and there is true in his eyes. I believe he will take care of me for all that love. I trust him blindly in every way. Because he can see more than us. He sees into the soul of each of us ...


100x70 cm

Oil painting on canvas

The night sky enchants probably every one of us. Legends hidden in the stars, millions of eyes of our ancestors silently watch over the world shrouded in darkness. As the hours pass, the magic of the night rises, revealing an infinite universe full of energy and space. Suddenly even the biggest thing seems lostly small. You stand with your feet on the ground, and your head in infinity, listening to the still small voice of our ancient nature.

Sibyl's dance of the night

Oil painting on canvas

100x70 cm  

The feeling of being a part of a horse's life is wonderful for many of us. We share feelings, enjoy the unique moments that life offers us. For most of us, it's a romantic idyll... But just like humans, not everyone is perfect in the animal world either. For many people, the idea of ​​getting a sick or disabled animal is a waste of time and energy. And then there are exceptions. Heroes for abandoned souls, lost in our world... deaf, blind, at the end of their strength. People who, despite the superficial criticism of the environment, stand on the side of the animal in the face of an adverse fate.Endless years of work, the feeling of hopelessness and fear are gradually replaced by hope for a fulfilling life. And at this moment, a unique symbiosis arises, complementing each other for the creation of a perfect whole.

Many thanks to Viki Kvačkajová, kind woman, for cooperation and her sacrifice for her animals trough all the obstacles.


Oil painting on canvas

100x80 cm