Special Thanks to

My parents for supporting me to always go my own way, and artistic genes

- Mária Hambalko, my sister who always stands by my side and supports me in the craziest ideas, also for translating all the necessary texts into English.

- Stanislav Hambalko for help, technical support and website organization.

- Pavel Gintar for patience, transport, and eternal constructive criticism

- Tatiana Uhríková and Adelka Melišeková-Dojčanova for their support in the artistic sphere since early childhood

- the Municipal Museum Synagogue Šurany and Miroslav Eliáš for the very first opportunity to realize my own exhibition.

- Peter Nagy, who was one of the first to believe that my art has a future, and persistently convinced me of it on a daily basis

- Andrea Némethová for psychological support at every exhibition and with every project

- Andreas Denner for guiding me in the right direction for many years, and first artistic steps on the territory of Austria.

- Agnes and René Niederberger for their wonderful friendship, trust, provision of studio spaces, German translations of texts, and graphic processing of paintings.

- Evička Bodorová for the opportunity to involve into unusual and unique projects.

- Thomas Leimer for enabling the first exhibitions in Vienna and professional help in the field sti art and galleries.

- Štefan Ziegler for translating all the texts into German.

-Francesco Russo and Salvatore Russo for all awards nominations 

-Frank Kortan for helping with profesional techniques 

To all the people who decided to share their stories with me and share them with the whole world :)

-Viki Kvačkajová

-Melanie Straková

-Lenka Tkáčiková

-Zuzka Doničová

-Tatiana Janegová

-Erik Sipka

-Eva Bodorova